Orthodontic Nursing

Welcome to The Bay Orthodontic Nursing courses – training courses dedicated to orthodontic nursing.

All training courses listed are designed with orthodontic nurses in mind. A wide variety of topics are available for study to include Orthodontic Nursing Practice, a course in orthodontic nursing which includes impression taking (or intra oral scanning) and clinical photography as standard and with an achievable content to the related Workplace Portfolio. This course is accessible to all nurses who work with orthodontics in dedicated orthodontic practices to general dental practices and hospital environments.

Certificate in Orthodontic Nursing Practice (Level 3)

This course is aimed at dental nurses working in dedicated orthodontic environments or those in general practice with access to orthodontic patients, to allow all nurses the opportunity to improve and enhance their clinical skills when assisting with orthodontic treatments.

What is included?

Full tutor support

Course and exam fees for two attempts


What is not included:

Extension or resit fees following two exam attempts

Certificate in Initial Orthodontic Assessment and Clinical Records (Level 3)

This course is designed for orthodontic nurses who wish to play a greater clinical role in the treatment planning and pre treatment assessments requirements of orthodontic patients. This course includes orthodontic radiography, photography and impression taking/intra oral scanning. The barrier of being unable to access general practice views which are not a requirement for orthodontics is removed, however students should be aware that additional training would be needed should they wish to expand their skills.

What is included:
Full tutor support throughout
Course and exam fees

What is not included:
Extension or resit fees

Award in Dental Impression Taking

This course is aimed at all dental care professionals and provides training to allow the taking of dental impressions for all treatments. The knowledge and theory is provided online through two modules, and the learner is asked to nominate an in-house supervisor for the practical stages. The course can be started at anytime and runs over a maximum of 12 weeks.

Award in Clinical Photography

This course is aimed at dental nurses who wish to undertake clinical photography as part of treatment planning and assessment. The knowledge and theory of this activity is provided online and assessment is by way of a small portfolio of common photographic views. The course can be started at anytime and runs for a maximum of 4 weeks. While based on photography for orthodontic assessment, the techniques can be used for any dental treatment.