Welcome to The Bay Dental Training Services
(formerly Delta Dental Training).

Established in 2005, and rebranded in 2023,  we provide a huge variety of training programmes to the dental nursing profession enabling dental nurses to progress in their chosen careers no matter what area of dentistry they work in.

All our courses are endorsed or awarded by Delta Awards, with a modern and flexible delivery model, it doesn’t matter what sector of the profession you are in, or how much or little of the treatments you can access, there will be training available for you to enhance your knowledge and career.


Delta Awards courses all meet the education criteria set down by the corresponding educational level. The shorter courses are Awards set at level 2, and the longer Certificate courses are at level 3 or 4. To find out what these levels mean, it is explained here – Course Levels.

All Level 3 and 4 courses are assessed via final examinations and external quality audits. Students are required to build a portfolio of evidence based around the subject studied, and sit a final written examination. These courses have a total duration of 18 months during which time students can book their exam when they are ready to do so without having to complete the practical evidence requirements first. This method of delivery can accommodate both students with limited access to treatments and busy lifestyles or those with unlimited access to treatments and plenty of time to study. Exams are held four times a year, are remotely invigilated in real time and allow real flexibility for the student to progress through their chosen programme at a speed that suits them.

Level 2 courses also have a portfolio requirement and a final, informal online exam. These courses are endorsed by Delta Awards so quality assurance is guaranteed.

All courses are started on the first Monday of every month, subject to capacity. A waiting list will be implemented at busy times.

For more details please contact us on info@baydental.training