Certificate in Dental General Anaesthetic Nursing (Level 3)

This course is aimed at dental nurses who work with patients undergoing treatment under general anaesthetic and who wish to improve their knowledge and understanding of this patient group.

Course title: Certificate in Dental General Anaesthetic Nursing

This course is aimed at hospital based dental nurses who wish to be practically involved in the clinical assessment and treatment of patients undergoing dental procedures under a general anaesthetic.

Awarded by:        DELTA Awards

Structure:            The course is delivered by way of six modules. All modules are mandatory and must be passed. This course requires the involvement of a workplace supervisor / expert witness who will take overall responsibility for the practical evidence completed within the workplace. This person will receive their own account login and be required to sign off the evidence submitted. Please ensure you have this person in place prior to course application. Failure to do so will compromise course progress.

Grading:              Pass or fail

Pre-requisites:  Candidates must hold GDC registration and a recognised Dental Nurse qualification. Candidates must work in a hospital environment and regularly assist with the treatment of patients under general anaesthetic.


This course is assessed by:

  • Workplace Portfolio of Evidence to record involvement in 10 patient cases where general anaesthesia was used to facilitate dental treatment. This forms 50% of the final grade
  • Two case studies which form 20% of the overall grade
  • Final examination – a 60 minute written exam on all subjects covered forms 30% of the overall grade

Candidates must achieve a pass in all assessments to gain the certificate.

Resit Arrangements:       Candidates can receive a small course extension to amend or change any information in the case studies or essay submissions. A fee may be applicable.

                                                Candidates get two included attempts at the online examination. Further attempts will incur a fee

Practical Component:

Undertaking pre and post operative observations of patients, providing support to the clinical team during treatment provision

Guided Learning Hours: This programme is 300 Guided Learning Hours (GLH)

Course length:  9-12 months

Credits:                 This course attracts 30 credits

Course content:

Module 1

Anatomy and Physiology
• Cardiovascular system
• Respiratory system
• Nervous system
• Cannulation sites
• Action of general anaesthetic on the body


In-module assignments

Final examination


Module 2

• Mechanisms, actions, uses and contraindications of drugs used in general anaesthesia

• Maintaining the environment
• Controlled drugs

Module 2 Assessment

In module assignments

Final Examination


Module 3

Patient assessment, including Anxiety and Pain Management Options
• Patient considerations – age, level of co-operation, previous dental experience
• Pain management
• Sedation techniques – oral sedation, IV sedation, inhalation sedation
• Topical and local anaesthesia
• ASA status
• Medical history, contra indications and special investigations

Module 3 Assessment

In module assignments

Workplace portfolio of evidence

Final examination


Module 4

Anaesthesia for dental treatment
• Principles of anaesthesia
• Airway management
• Venepuncture
• Recovery
• Paediatrics

Module 4 Assessment

End of module assignment

Workplace portfolio of evidence

Case study which contributes to the final grade

Final examination


Module 5

Anaesthetic equipment
• Anaesthetic machine
• Vaporisers
• Medical gasses
• Masks and airways
• Intubation

Module 5 Assessment

End of module assignments

Workplace portfolio of evidence

Final examination


Module 6

Dental Procedures and managing adverse events
• Basic, immediate and advanced life support
• Medico legal considerations
• Anaesthetic implications on dental treatment

Module 6 Assessment

End of module assignments

Workplace portfolio of evidence

Final examination



Case Studies

The candidate is required to complete 2 case studies which involve their role in the treatment of patients under general anaesthesia. One should be a patient aged under 16 and one a patient over 17. The case studies are assessed collectively and contribute to 20% of the final grade. All case studies must include:

• Details of the treatment undertaken
• The role of the dental nurse during the treatment
• A critical evaluation of the appointment(s) including identification of strengths, areas of good practice and areas of improvement
• Where possible, supporting literature should be included to justify treatment management decisions


Workplace Portfolio of Evidence

The candidate is required to demonstrate their involvement with 10 patients undergoing treatment with general anaesthetic. In addition to this, they will also be required to provide evidence of other related activities which include, but is not restricted to, undertaking life support and emergency training with colleagues, handling and preparing anaesthetic equipment, undertaking pre and post operative assessments and caring for the patient during the procedure. The WPE contributes 50% of the overall grade.

Written Exam

Candidates will be required to sit a final written exam of 60 minutes duration. The examination is provided online and candidates will be required to undertake this under strict examination conditions. This contributes to 30% of the final grade.

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