Award in Dental Decontamination (Level 2)

Award in Dental Decontamination

This course is suitable for anyone undertaking dental decontamination duties. Candidates do not need to be GDC registered to apply for this programme. The course is comprised of two modules and assessed by written assignments and a short Multiple Choice test. It can be started at any time and runs for a maximum of 4 weeks.

Course title: Dental Decontamination

This course is aimed anyone undertaking decontamination activities within a dental environment. GDC registration is not essential.

Endorssed by:        DELTA Awards

Structure:            The course is delivered by way of 2 short modules. All modules are mandatory and must be  passed

Grading:              Pass or fail

Pre-requisites: Candidates must be actively participating in decontamination duties within a dental workplace. This course is not suitable for the post of Decontamination Lead.

Course fee:          £90 including VAT at 20%

Assessment:                      This course is assessed by written assignments and a short multiple choice test.

Resit Arrangements:          N/A

Practical Component:    Undertaking decontamination duties.

Guided Learning Hours: This programme is 20 Guided Learning Hours (GLH)

Course length:  Learners have 4 weeks to complete the course

Credits:                 This course attracts 2 credits

Course content:

Dental Decontamination


Module 1

The Principles of Decontamination

Decontamination Cycle

Legislation and guidance

Infectious conditions

Dental instruments and equipment


Module 2

The Practice of Decontamination

Hand hygiene

Personal protective equipment

Cleaning methods

The decontamination environment





 Both modules are assessed by written assignments, and the full course is assessed with a short MCQ test on completion. All aspects must be passed for a successful outcome.