Certificate in Dental Radiography


This course is available as an on-line programme with workplace support. The examination for this course is provided by the NEBDN twice yearly in March and September. Applicants must be able to access all radiographic techniques, to include intra oral and extra oral views. Applicants are expected to source all required radiographic views themselves and should ensure this is possible before application. Applications are not accepted from dental nurses who do not hold a registrable qualification.



The Certificate in Dental Radiography allows dental nurses to take radiographs on prescription of a suitable referrer. The course can be started any time, subject to capacity, and the exam is currently held twice a year in March and September.

Course requirements

The course has six modules, each with assessments and revision activities to be completed. You will also be allocated an online tutor for support throughout the course. In addition, you are required to complete a Record of Competence in the workplace which includes:

  • 10 pairs of bitewings
  • 20 PA views
  • 10 OPTs
  • 2 cephs (simulations accepted)
  • 2 occlusal views (simulations accepted)
  • 2 bisecting angles (simulations accepted)
  • 3 case studies

This has to be completed three months before the exam.

Course content

  • Fundamental Physics of Radiation
  • Properties of Radiation
  • Attenuation of ionising radiation
  • Scattering and absorption
  • Radiation Hazards and Dosimetry
  • Biological effects of radiation
  • Risks/benefits of radiation
  • Dose optimisation
  • Absorbed dose, dose equivalent, effective dose and their units
  • Radiation Protection of the patient
  • General radiation protection
  • Procedures for untoward incidents involving overexposure to ionising radiation

The course text (recommended) is: Radiography and Radiology for the Dental Care Professional (4th ed) by E J Whaites and Basic Guide to Dental Radiography by Tim Reynolds.


The cost of the course is £810.00 including exam fee and VAT at 20%.

An up to date syllabus for this course can be found on the NEBDN website.


The CPD requirements in the subject area of Radiation Protection will vary depending on the role of the individual. It is important for Dental Care Professionals with a qualification in dental radiography to be aware that the areas of Radiation Protection that they need to gain CPD in is different to that of non-operator Dental Nurses.


CPD requirements for Dental Care Professionals without a qualification in dental radiography are:
5 hours of verifiable CPD This can be:

  • IR(ME)R updates
  • Courses about legislation or other working practices
  • Film Fault audits
  • Quality assurance

CPD requirements for hygienists, therapists and dental care professionals with a qualification in dental radiography must include:

5 hours of verifiable CPD

  • Principles of radiation physics
  • Risks of ionising radiation
  • Radiation doses in dental radiography
  • Factors affecting dose in dental radiography
  • Principles of radiation protection
  • Statutory requirements
  • Quality Assurance

If you have any further questions please contact info@deltadental.uk